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Co0ling Maintenance Tune-Up Special: $89.00

Valid till May 31, 2018. Call for pricing.

Improve your cooling system efficiency and comfort with a yearly maintenance tune-up. 

Our comprehensive cooling maintenance tune-up will maintain your system as well as check your indoor air flow. No matter what the age AirDesign will keep your system running dependably and at peak performance. 


  • Chemical Clean Condenser coil.
  • Filter Checked.
  • Check refrigerment charge.
  • Controls checked and adjusted if required.
  • Compressor Checked.
  • Electrical connection checked.
  • Safety circuit tested
  • Motors checked and oiled if required.
  • Thermostat cycled and checked.
  • Air flow checked and adjusted to MFG recommended rating.
  • Condensate drain cleared.
  • Recommendation for safety or health if needed.



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